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Elizabeth Santry asks good questions. Her podcast Have Mic Will Travel is built on a mission to research the humanity that lies within creativity.  She recently came to Australia and I was her first interview of the trip. This is a nice listen with Elizabeth’s lovely radio voice getting me to relax whilst we sit on my porch and talk about my practice and  process and what my Blue mountains studio means to me. Listen here.


Art is a many layered thing

So recently on a rare trip to Wagga to visit Scott my printer, I made a bit of a rediscovery. Right there, under his print table all neatly folded, were the pieces of fabric that he uses during his print run to protect his tables. He tacks these bits of fabric at both ends of his table, re-using and overprinting from the same group for years.

multi prints on table


multi prints on table 2

He’d shown me other ones he’d used a few years back but most of those pieces had been in use for so long that you couldn’t tell what they were – they’d been overprinted into oblivion and turned almost black and heavy with the printing ink.

But these end pieces of fabric were different. Interesting compositions had emerged from the layered sections of my designs, They had just enough coverage but not too much. I’d come at the right time maybe.

It’s a kind of random procedure for Scott, but not entirely. For the sheer pleasure of the process, he considers which pieces he might use to tack at the ends of specific print runs. He likes to curate the happenstance of the layering – their colour and composition – in his own quiet and unassuming way, building up the image over years and years of production.

Multiprint Boardwalk


Multiprint Pod detail


Multiprint Fifty detail 2


Multiprint Connect

I was struck by just how special these particular multi-prints are. One of a kind. I persuaded Scott that they needed to be seen, to be shown, and written about so that he could start the process rolling on some new ones. Isn’t that always the skill with art, knowing when to finish?

He had about a dozen or so in the making and I have brought six of them back with me. The rest we agreed needed a bit more cooking. It’s a fine art knowing when a piece is done. A bit of objectivity is required and that’s where I came in – just at the right time.

Each Multi print tells a story about our production schedule over the past 5 years or so, and is a lovely result of the collaboration between myself and Scott. These unexpected artworks are the result of the skill of the maker and the process of making over time.  A perfect example of Slow art.

Im selling these six pieces here online and once they are gone there is no repeating the same one.

My residency at the State Library is underway.


So here’s a video of State Library NSW curator, the lovely Sarah Morley, showing me around the archives as I get a bit of a grip on what I’m going to do in my residency. The idea is that I get inspired by the Library’s archives – they have a huge amount of books and prints and really early drawings and Sarah and the library crew invited me to spend a week hanging with them drawing and sketching and ultimately creating a textile design or two.

The brief is to be inspired by drawings of the  Waratah that are on display as part of the current exhibition called Inspiration By Design.

The actual designing will come a bit later and this week is about drawing and painting. What a treat.




Im only here for the week and half of that time has already gone by in a flash.

So don’t delay if you’re in town – drop by the library and say hi –  my last day is this Saturday. I’m out around the side next to the café next to the book shop in the Macquarie room. There is plenty of room so come and grab a brush and take a moment to do some painting with me. Plenty of other people have done just that already. It’s good fun and I’ll post more about that later.



A sneaky peek of my book

My partner Amanda a.k.a. Cannylass67 made this whimsical slideshow previewing my book ClothBound. Harry the dog is having a good stickybeak. Cute.

It’s Mother’s Day in the UK soon. My mum loves ducks and Geese so does a few of my friends’ mothers so I’m about to get an archival digital print done of this oil painting I did at Hill End to send back. ( it’ll be a few days kate but she won’t mind) Dimensions Approx 35 x 60cm. Any one interested in one for their mothers get in touch and I’ll let you know how much they cost.

Just out – an article about me in Country Style magazine March Issue

There we go

There we go.

Saturday morning project

Afternoon tea ceremony.