Happy customer.

A customer just emailed us. She had her old TV chair upholstered in boardwalk and is very happy with the result.  Looks great. Thanks Susan x

A customer just emailed us. She had her old TV chair upholstered in boardwalk and is very happy with the result.  Looks great. Thanks Susan x

From Seeds To Bloom – the prep work.


Ive got a new show coming up at Object. It’s in my old shop on William street because this is where Object : Australian Design Centre as they are now called,  has just moved to. Fancy that – the circular motif coming round again. Always my favourite shape it seems.

More pieces for the show. These are early wollemi and twig of conifer sketches on found bits of wood.

This show is a development on from my very recent Cloth 20 years in the Making show that was running down in the Souther Highlands at Sturt Gallery and marks the beginning of this new show travelling regionally  for the next 18 months. Having done the Sturt show I realise what I would like to do is to showcase more of my early paintings – the pieces that people have never seen- and how they indirectly influence my textile design. So this weekend Ive been rummaging around in my shed pulling out pieces Ive always loved – my Incidental artworks Im now calling them, to create a new introduction of early work to this new show.



Hello Hobart.


What lovely weather we had whilst we were in Hobart. How cold it was though. Almost colder than the Mountains. And that is saying something.

We had a little book signing at the local community hall which was so quaint and picturesque. Natalie made delicious scones. We had cups of tea. I met people and told stories and sold books.

It is great this touring around to places I haven’t been in a long time because I get to reconnect with people I haven’t seen in ages. People like Louise from Gather.


loiuse and me11372407_668574096609991_1684239550_n

And a woman who I last knew when I was about 10. Rebecca Phelps. We lived in Pedwell lane in Ashcott, Somerset. Who would have thought! That was a bit of a highlight I must say.


And then it was over. I packed up my suitcase and off we went to Dark Mofo. Now thats another story.


Sunday Morning.

My Sunday morning lie in. A cup of tea and a spot of sewing. It's the only quiet time I've got  to finish off my ClothDolly in time for the Quilt and Craft fair on Wednesday.

A cup of tea and a spot of sewing. It was the only quiet time I had to finish off my ClothDolly in time for the Quilt and Craft fair.


Brisbane we are ready.

11419244_1583740541892109_1661804369_nWe are ready.

manifesto blocks

By the skin of our teeth we were ready.

And just in time, they came. Lots of them. Lovely local people that Leesa knew mostly. They came for her and for me.

margie and me

Margie-  MoreMargie – Fraser did a lovely job interviewing me – more of a casual intimate chat really, like we’d known each other for year, which was extra nice.

And Brett and James from the local Brissy band The Goodship played some beautiful moody melodies.brissy band

It was a great night.

Thank you all so much for making it so.

Leesa Sheona and all the crew you are good people.


The show is up in Leesas little gallery for a few more days if you fancied a look.

Side Gallery it’s called.

Ok 3 down 40 to go. 2 hours left.



A couple of hours left to go before the opening here in Red Hill and the activity is at a record high.

door being hung

Windows and doors were still being put in…turf laid, paths created.


madness in the garden

Turf laid, paths created.

me hanging wk







Finishing touches are being made to the artwork..

Whilst inside the studio the boys were calm and cool laying out the price lists and signage.


calm in the studio


Its all hands on deck right now but I know we’ll make it, we always do!.

Brisbane, Friday Night.

DF Studio Launch 2015 Social Media4Tomorrow, Friday, we launch in Brisbane. And here I am in my friend Leesa Hickeys studio in Red Hill, with my artwork all spread out on the floor, waiting for the builders to finish before I can hang the work. Leesa has built a brand new studio space and I will be the first to show there. An honour and a privilege.

IMG_7718 IMG_7713


Everyone is running to the wire to get all the finishing details completed. But what lovely details they are.

Plywood, pressed concrete, brass, ceramic tiles, green glass, and an old fashioned see through material that looks like fibreglass but isn’t.



The new old Cloth dollies.

11420903_1587991888134266_2011680050_nIn 2001 I was mad for Cloth dollies. Seemed like a good way to use up scraps and people loved them. We made ClothDolly kits The dollies were gender fluid and multi coloured. I'm bringing the Cloth Dolly kit back at the Sydney Craft fair in 2 weeks. Today I'm making my first one in 14 years. #crafternoon.

Oh I loved those dollies back in 2001. Such a good way to use up scraps and people loved them. We made ClothDolly kits -and the dollies were gender fluid and multi coloured. So modern, still. And I think the time is right to bring them back so in a couple of weeks Ill be at the  Sydney Craft fair on the No Chintz stand sprucing my ClothBound book and hanging with the dollies.

Today I started making my first one in 14 years.

I’m in the archive dept of the NSW State library today.

In July I will be starting my residency at the NSW State library. I’m calling it The Waratah Project.

Today they got me in to check out some of the archives in preparation for my stay.  In particular I was shown some early prints of Waratahs. This is the plant I will be drawing my inspiration from whilst I’m there. To kick off the residency on July 24th I’ll be doing a talk  about my book ClothBound.

I'm in the archive dept of the Nsw State library today being shown all sorts of lovely stuff in preparation for my residency next monthlhenry waratah travel poster