Duck seasoned with salt pepper and 5spice about to go in oven. #can’tstopdrawing

For those of you who live in Hill End and are around on 28th December Im having an open house drop in kind of thing in the late afternoon here at murrays cottage. It’s a casual show and tell of the work I’ve been doing this past month whilst on my december residency. Lovely Rachel the photographer artist up at haefligers will bring along some of her work too. 5-7pm byo if you fancy a drink. Hopefully it won’t be raining and the power will be on. Fingers crossed. @hillendpress @luke_scibbo

Let’s see if I can stay this loose all the way

The geese have gone. It’s getting too hot now and it’s time for a coffee. Four sketches before 11 ain’t bad for a Friday morning.

Let me introduce the very boyish looking Christina Marie Green. Aka Granny Green who died in Bankstown in the 1920’s and was an expert fund raiser. She was matron of Hill End Hospital and had three kids and two husbands. One at a time of course.

I was in the middle of painting a goat portrait when a big thunderstorm shut down the power. Just got a couple of candles and my phone for company now. Maybe I’ll call it an early night.

Ann guthe nee Hartley. I’ve just discovered the hill end family history office run by the lovely daphne Shead. Daphne and I both agree that the women of hill end don’t get much of a mention in the history books and it’s hard to actually find out much more than who they married and how many kids they had. So here’s a story about Ann. She started as an unwed mother at 18 and carried on producing kids until she was 43. 7 or 8 in total I think. No mean feat working the gold fields and running a pub in her life too. As a result She currently has left behind 1300 descendants. Go Ann Guthe.

Michael rents the house up behind mine. He has 87 years left on the 100 year lease from Parks and Wildlife. I asked him why he comes here – a five and a bit hour drive from Sydney. He lives in Surry hills with his little Dog Apollo. I wrote down what he said. (at Michaels house Hill end)

I keep coming back to this little house. The chimney – it’s like something from wizard of oz.

I think this is @luke_scibbo ‘s house and church/studio but I can’t be sure because I’ve not run into him yet which is surprising seeing as every one tells me he’s the man about town. I might leave a note on his door because I want to know a few things and then I can finish my painting. #amonthathillend

Not finished but I’m liking where it’s headed. Simple pared back but loose / ish. It’s the long handled hog hair brushes combined with working standing up and painting half from in situ half from memory. I think I’m getting there finally.

I’ve just tried two different approaches painting the same house. This picture was done first – I painted it by not looking directly at the house. I studied the details then went indoors and painted from memory. It is rough and direct and I like it.