Part of an artwork I did in Alice Springs in 2000 after a trip out to Utopia to work with some of the artists there. One of my all time favourites.

8am in the studio.

Doing what I love the most on a Saturday night. #inthestudio

I look at these paintings every day.

Somedays I notice them somedays I don’t. 

Today I did.

I can remember painting them, years ago. They have so much uncertainty in them. I can recall not really knowing what I was trying to achieve –  just tentatively painting to see where it took me. And when I’d finished I remember not knowing whether I liked what I’d made. But something about each of them has made me keep hold of them. And for so many years they have sat on my shelf at home to be looked at every day. 

Ive grown very fond of them now.

I like that. 

Today’s work. Should have been writing but it was too hot to concentrate on words so I did pictures instead.

I must have painted this more than 20 years ago. One of my first. Just rediscovered it. #aubergine #eggplant #oneofmyfirst #oilpainting

Packed up ready to go. #imperfectmanifesto #decorationanddesign