Painting up the #imperfectmanifesto in preparation for #decorationanddesign in 2 weeks

I have a few new artworks up for sale on the website. This is Morning ritual with red cup. Quite like it.

A customer wanted a Banksia artwork as a gift for her husbands 40th birthday.

I bough a sheet of masonite, trimmed it down, painted it soft grey, the colour of the foggy mornings up in the mountains that week.

I scored the surface to start building the texture.

I sanded it back.

I printed a layer of soft white currawongs.

I added white chalky lines and printed another layer of currawongs.

Straw coloured ones this time, layer over layer.

I remembered I had a sheet of masonite already printed with blue palm leaves and I started working onto this piece too.  

I added a layer of sepia coloured banksia, a layer of bone coloured kangaroo paw, a layer of teal coloured conifer twigs. 

I tinted the edges with prussian blue ink.

I sanded and varnished  the surfaces.

I gave my customer her art work and kept the other one for me.