Hey all you local crafter insta friends and crew come and join me and my Cloth team for a bit of a festive knees up/bunting making/insta meet/glass of bubbly/love fest in the shop on Thursday 12th.
Using string old newspapers and fabric offcuts we will be putting a years worth of fabric scraps to good use up cycling repurposing recycling into lovely strings of Xmas decorations without the aid of glitter or glue guns. True story. Pass it on xx (at ClothStore William st)

The girls asked for a tree for the shop window and I made this one today for off cuts I found in the studio.

The third bush fire appeal tea towel is underway. This one is about a story my friend told me of seeing so many magpies falling from the sky when the fires were burning nearby. (at Blackheath)

This one is called red wine vinegar (at Cloth Fabric)

This was the view from Coledale beach. In the distance at regular intervals these very eye-catching tankers full of coal from Port Kembla were travelling along the horizon on their way to Indonesia and China and other far away places. Slow moving, mostly red and white. Very graphic. Lovely things to draw.

No wonder we didn’t want to move from Coledale with this view.

From the side.

Inside #caravanmeg

Although we’ve not made it to Melbourne this time I have managed to send a #caravanmeg postcard there instead.

#Caravanmeg in situ in my sketch book this morning

Echidna tea towel is ready to go. The second in my Bush fire appeal series. Buy online here.


Proceeds go to Foundation For National Parks and Wildlife. A charity set up in the 1970’s to look after our native wildlife and help manage our National Parks. They are good people.