I’m making a teatowel to raise money for WIRES and the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife for injured native animals burnt in the bushfires. Am looking for ways to promote the selling of these. If you are interested in helping out – have a blog or website that can set up a link to ours please get in touch. The teatowels will hopefully be ready to purchase late next week.
Cheers julie

I celebrated my birthday in style this year. A few days in Hobart and a few days on the Tasman Peninsula. These are a few of the drawings from my sketch book. Lovely.

Hand painted mugs by @cannylass67 at the ready for my birthday party.

Reposting from @cannylass67 because I LOVE this pic. Today at Mona. So decadent. Perfect xx

Oh I like these cushions. New stock just in.

The luxury of being able to focus on just one thing at a time is becoming harder and harder these days it seems. I’m spending so much time jumping from one unfinished and urgent thing to another and it has been making me feel a bit fretful and restless and overwhelmed.

I really want to make time to make some art. I want a whole month. Time to think and experience and focus. I want to paint landscapes and I want to write about painting landscapes. And so today, Labour Day, I’ve been writing an application for an artist residency. The idea of spending a month in remote countryside not having to think of anything else other than the landscape in front of me is pure luxury.