Last sketch of the day. (at pearl beach)

Pearl beach headland

Looking towards Palm Beach (at Pearl Beach)

Love our new lamps.

Left work a bit earlier than normal and stopped in the park. Nice to be cycling home with the sun still shining.

With this new website it is quite a long process from finishing new work to publishing it on the website. Especially with one off and trial pieces. So until I work out a quicker way to get them up and out into the world I am posting the new stuff as it happens here. They are for sale and to purchase you need to get in touch directly with me. 

x Julie

My other love is ceramics. I have been indulging this passion for the past few years by collaborating with Katherine Mahoney an enthusiastic, fearless and very experienced potter who lives in Sydney on the North side.  Lately we’ve been working on a range of plates and platters imprinted with native twigs and leaves and wiped over with oxides for colour.

I couldn’t resist asking her to make me some beads using the same process. Because in my spare time I’ve always made jewellery  – just for me and my sister really. I’m always on the look out for interesting hand made pottery beads and now I have a small range of pieces that I can sell  – made from the imprint of the plants found in a Sydney garden. I love that.

So this is a thank you to Katherine for indulging me. And a good luck with the Hong Kong exhibition. Katherine has an important show of her lovely pots opening this week. She is flying out tomorrow but delivered these beads to me before she went. Bless. xx

Just bought meself a Ute mate.

Setting up our First Samples section in the shop of 1 off trials and prototype pieces for the Natural range.

All the pieces are now cut to upholster the seats covers for #caravanmeg

This is Meg, our new caravan. She is the same age as me – 50 this year. We have owned her for nearly 3 weeks but I won’t get to see her this weekend because I will be working in town in the shop. Which hopefully will give me the chance to make a start on her re-upholstery if it’s quiet in between customers. 

Last week I was up in the Mountains making her curtains and painting her cupboards. Her outside stripe used to be an inappropriate boy blue when we first got her. But now it’s just the right shade of Old Lady Red. My favourite colour.

On the line outside the shop. Overdyed lengths of muslin and sheer linen just rediscovered in a box under my desk. (at cloth william st)