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Julie Paterson

I am a painter, printmaker and designer of textiles. I own a small fabric company called Cloth that I set up more than 20 years ago, because it made sense at the time and still does now.

I work with a small team of people who love what they do, making textiles by hand, the old fashioned way. I collaborate with others for the joy of making something together that we couldn’t make alone. In Blackheath I run imperfect workshops for the creatively curious. I take commissions and I exhibit, and my favourite place to be is working in my studio.

I’ve written a book and a manifesto to live by. I live a simple life. It feels good.





It wasn’t that long after I came to Australia that I started a business designing and hand printing fabric. I wanted to make contemporary and natural furnishing fabric by hand, locally and sustainably, and that’s what I’ve been doing now for more than twenty years. Designs inspired by the Australian landscape, printed in small batches by hand in a tin shed in regional NSW.


Cloth 2

If you want Cloth at trade, go see David and John and the team at the Ascraft showrooms. There's one in Sydney and one in Melbourne. If it's retail you're after, you can either order online at the Cloth website, or pop in to Home Industry in the old bakery rooms in Balmain.


Imperfect Manifesto

It was a warm spring afternoon when we wrote this. Sitting around in our backyard with a glass of wine, we were talking about what mattered to us, what we felt about life. What began as a bit of picnic philosophy became a set of guiding principles. For me, these are words to live by.




This is my first ever book.
It’s about my creative process over twenty years of designing and making ClothFabric. It's a labour of love that I worked on with a brilliant team of talented people. Every cover is different, bound in yardage from a special run of spotcheck and boardwalk hand printed by my lovely printer Scott on his 20 metre table.



Clothbound 2

ClothBound is a book that's taken me twenty years to write. It showcases my creative process, tracing the development of ideas all the way from first images and notes made in my sketch books through to resolved collections. This book tells those stories, celebrates the imperfect and offers up a modest philosophy of sorts. It's the heart and soul of Cloth in 240ish pages, and I'm proud of it.



I love working with other artists and makers. There is something very special about banding together to make something unique. For many years I've worked with Yosi and Lia to translate my textile designs into rugs. I've developed three collections with Designer Rugs, and this year I'm designing a fourth.


Collaborations 3 dharma

For more than two years I've been working with Shannon and Mick of The Dharma Door. They are ethical traders who work with talented artisans to produce fair trade homewares. These heavy duty hessian storage baskets were handcrafted by fair trade artisans in Bangladesh.



Excess fabric shouldn't end up as landfill. I've always saved my scraps and put them to good use, slow stitching and reworking, creating handsome new things from scratch. You can purchase ScrapCloth products that I've made this way, or you can get a kit and make your own - lampshades, cushions, curtains, or whatever you can think of.


LookDrawPrint workshops

I believe everyone is born creative, but so many people don't realise this. That's why I've been running what I call 'imperfect workshops' now for a wee while, and I love doing them. LookDrawPrint and Alter-Ego are hands-on experiences for the creatively curious, where I teach how to embrace chance and imperfection and focus on process.

Creativity becomes a skill, but it starts as an attitude. Everyone creates a prototype design printed on fabric. Every design reflects a reset state of mind.


Workshops 2

Just shortly, Julie's running two workshops. At Julie's classic LookDrawprint workshop in Noosa, you’ll loosen up with fast, intuitive drawing, get into flow making raw cut paper stencils, and from the midst of creative play you'll make a resolved repeat textile design of your very own. Julie's North Sydney Alter Ego workshop works the same way but this time, you'll take your inspiration from your good self to produce a portrait that's better than any selfie you've ever snapped.

To book a spot at Noosa Regional Gallery on October 6, call (07) 5329 6145 or email

To book at North Sydney on October 14, email or call (02) 9922 2299.


workshops 3

'Doing Julie's LookDrawPrint workshop is the first time in a very long time that I felt flow. I was absolutely absorbed and happy.

I thought I couldn't know that feeling anymore.
Julie, you gave me a very big gift.'

Jennifer, Workshopper, North Sydney Community Centre


Rough Track Cabins

This is where I live and work in my Blue Mountains studio on 29 acres of bushland right next to the National Park. If you'd like to experience a quiet, creative retreat, you can book to come and stay here in one of two handmade ironstone cabins. To have a proper look, check out the Rough Track Cabins website.


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